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What we do

Pop music, Pop Culture and Pop Art is the inspiration behind the Word Association.  All prints are designed and printed by me from a cat filled cottage in the countryside.  

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Featured Items

"Thunder Only Happens When It's Raining" Fleetwood Mac Dreams Lyrics  - Unframed Print
Bee Silly, Be Honest, Bee Kind Print - Ideal For Child's Bedroom
Bertolt Brecht - In the Dark Times Will There Also Be Singing?  - Unframed Print
Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent - Unframed RuPaul's Drag Race Print
Classic 90s Electronic Albums - Unframed Print - Ideal Gift for Dance Music Fans
Doug E Fresh The Show Lyrics - Unframed Typography Print
Emmeline Pankhurst - I Incite This Meeting to Rebellion! - Unframed Feminist Print
Ernest Hemingway The World Breaks Everyone Quote - Unframed Print
Gloria Steinem - Liberation Does Not Come From Outside - Unframed Feminist Print
He Will Cover You With His Wings - Psalm 91:4 Verse - Unframed Print
I'd Rather Be Sleeping - Unframed Print - Ideal for Kid's Bedroom
James Baldwin "Not Everything That is Faced Can Be Changed" Quote - Unframed Print
Jane Eyre "I Am No Bird And No Net Ensnares Me" - Unframed Literary Print
Jean-Michel Basquiat Not Who You Are Quote -  Unframed Print
John Keats - Give Me Books, French Wine, Fruit Quote - Unframed Print
Leave the House Only If Necessary - Unframed Print - Perfect for Introverts